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Sorry - this never really became important enough for enough sites (well, paying clients!) for us to implement it.

Voice development and hosting is funded by clients who pay to use the platform - such as Surrey Community. So development tends to be focussed only on those areas that our clients feel are most beneficial to their users.

So, for the foreseeable future, I'm afraid you're stuck with manually creating the events for the last Thursday of each month.


Joe - Voice Admin

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I'm just reviving this thread to see if there are any other organisations that would like to see an update to the recurring events on the calendar. 

My biggest problem is that we run events on the last Monday of the month (for example) but I can only choose to recur events on the say Monday of the month with no way to differentiate between the 4th Monday of the month or the last Monday of the month. This means I have to manually find the month's with five Mondays and amend them.

Other things that might be useful:

  • The removal of the end date so that things can recur indefinitely.
  • The ability to delete recurring events from a point forwards but leave the ones before that point.
  • or the ability to amend the recurring details to add an end date or fix a mistake.
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I feel as though this will be a much welcome update fr the calendar, as it is a much needed feature i can see me using quite frequently.

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I've noted these, though one point here is that events could never recur indefinitely because the system adds all the future events in to the calendar immediately when you create the recurrence. And adding an infinite number of events would take too long :-)

The last <weekday> of month feature has been mentioned before and I agree that this would be the most useful addition of the ones you mention. The others can be worked around (with a bit of faff perhaps) but finding all future months with five Mondays is a task better left to computers I think!