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When making a number of changes alerts go out to all the registered users. This can be nuisance for them, so if the alerts could be turned off for a period and automatically come back on this would be useful.

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Good idea. How would you think it would best work? Perhaps an option to say "disable all notifications for the next X hours?"

Voice Admin

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That would seem the best.

Drop down list or radio buttons with options for say 1, 3, or 6 hours?

More does not seem needed, like you its not our full time job (although I sometimes wonder)


Many thanks for the rsponse

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Yes, good idea. However, I would also like it so that if an existing page is updated (to correct an error lets say) that an alert should not be sent. Perhaps the editor should have the choice if to send an alert when publishing (rather than automatically). That way the editor would have complete control.

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Taking a feature from ScrewTurn Wiki - when you Save an edit there is a tick box that says someting like "Minor change - omit from alerts". That might do the trick simply.