Posted by JEMS on

I have added some photos underneath some text. The photos look messy and only cover the left side of the page even if I put them side by side. How can I add photos that look presentable on the page?

Many thanks

Posted by sue potter on


When you add a photo, go to the advanced options and you can define vertical and horizontal space around them. Think this should help?

I used to see a way to wrap text around but can't see it in the new editor - I'm sure it must be there somewhere. Maybe someone else can help with that.





Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Sue,

Yes there was something in the previous version.

In the latest editor after you have inserted your photo/image go into the Advanced tab and in the Style field type float: left; and you should then be able to place/drag it to any part of the page (providing you want it on the left side, I've wondered what would happen if you substituted centre or right as I gave never tried this).

I agree that a drop down in the style box (as before would be really useful).  I think that I may have suggested this before.