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I manage the website for South Farnham Residents' Association.  On the "Contact us" page, there are four links to email addresses for members of the Main Committee.  If you click on one of the links to email a Committee member, nothing happens.  If you right-click on one of the links, and click "Open in new tab", you get a new page in your browser which is blank.

I have tried clicking on email links on other e-Voice websites, e.g. 1st St Johns Scouts, 2022 Galleywood Festival, 30 Mile Thursdays, Age Watch, and the same thing happens - nothing.

Could you please help?


Sue Watson

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The links are correct, and they work for me, which suggests that there's a browser setting on your system which is preventing them from working as you expect.

However, if you prefer, it is actually pretty easy to set up contact forms which send to different users (or to multiple users), so that people can get in touch without you making any email addresses public.

The key advantage of this is that you will reduce spam to those users, because their email address will remain private.

To do this you use the Email Contact Form includelet on the page. This adds a simple form in which visitors can type a message.

You can add multiple forms to a page (with different recipients) or you could configure the form to go to multiple recipients.

Since you are unlikely to have a lot of contacts through the form, I would suggest that to keep it simple for visitors just have a single form that goes to all interested parties, and then the appropriate person in your group will respond to them.

You can see an example of the Email Contact Form on the demo site here.



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Thank you, Joe