Voice is an easy-to-use website builder available free of charge to all community, not-for-profit, and voluntary organisations.

Voice enables you to add and update your website content quickly and easily with no technical expertise required. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a browser. Voice has many interactive modules such as picture galleries, discussion boards, petitions and surveys, which you can add to your website with a single click.

Technical Support

Note that Voice Online Communities CIC do not provide technical support for site administrators.

For information on how to get help and support, please see the Help and Support pages on the main Voice website.


Voice is managed by Voice Online Communities CIC.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our services, please contact us.

Contact Us

You can use the form below to send us a message. The form is created using the Email Contact Form includelet - simple to add to any page of a Voice website. We'll try to reply to all messages received, even if sent just for fun!