Hi all, a few changes I've made today:

  • Option to select Last <day> of the Month when creating repeating calendar events. This is either the fourth of fifth occurrence of that day depending on how many there are that month.
  • When deleting recurring events, you can delete those only in before or after the selected event, all of them, or just the selected event.
  • Option to set the background width in the Background Begin/End includelet - there are now options to make the image full browser width (the original way) or just the width of the column that the includelet is in.
  • Fix links in fading carousels.
  • Restore the Voice/Feedback/Terms/Privacy/Cookies links in the page footer.



Hi Joe

Thanks for the extra option re the background width.

Would it be possible to have an option to set the background width the same as the main banner and the nav bar where this is not the full screen width but it is wider than the column the includelet is in?


Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Society

Posted by johnt on

Thanks for the changes Joe.

One more feature that would be very useful for me is the ability to be able to create events that last more than a day, rather than repeating an event over several days.