Posted by JamesM on

Hi, Contact information shown by the includelet does not match the information entered under website details. I have changed the phone number under dewebsite details but the contact info shown by the includelet is still showing the wrong number (It has inserted a 1 to make it 017... instead of 07....)

Any help appreciated.


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Posted by Joe Oldak on

The Contact Information includelet can be configured to show either the site's contact details (in Website Details in the admin pages) or custom contact details which are entered into the includelet config itself.

I suspect you have the latter kind on your site. In which case you can just open up the includelet config and change it directly in there.



3: Contact Information (response to 2)
Posted by JamesM on

Thanks Joe, however I don't think that this is the case.

The contact includelet is grey, not white, which I understand means that it is not editable. I have searched the pages for other places where the includelet is used and it is only on the one page.

Am I missing something, as I cannot find anyway of opening the includelet config?

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Posted by Plymouth Music Accord on

James, as a relative newbie myself to Voice, I didn't realise straight away that to open an includelet you have to create a new revision to make changes. Before you do that all the content items are greyed out....
Apologies if this is not your issue!

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Posted by JamesM on

Fantastic, thanks very much, that's sorted it!