Hi there.

I'm trying to change the footer on this page: https://cvalive.org.uk/

so that the copyright (c) info has the correct year.
I've had a rummage around but can't find the relevant footer or includelet.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks



Posted by Sorrel Parsons on

Hi Mark,

It will be in Look and Feel section of the website rather than content management.


Posted by Grassroots on

Hey both -

that was easy enough once pointed in the right direction.
Our site now says (c) 2024 (rather than 2015!) .

Posted by gods_child on

Hey Mark

You are welcome!

Glad you got it sorted


Posted by gods_child on

Hi Mark,

To add further to Sorrel's post above;

Go to Look and feel > Theme > Selected theme > Options

Then Scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Raw Footer HTML" box and amend the relevant information, then click on apply