Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

A few small tweaks just went live. Please do check your sites to make sure things are still working as expected, especially with the Latest News includelet and any grids of content that you have.

The Changes

  • Latest News includelet now has an option to use a Grid for items (in the same way that Filtered Item List does). This is great if you want to have a single-column grid style layout rather than showing latest news as a panel in the right column.
  • When content is in a grid in a wide main column with an image, then the image will go to the left of the text rather than remaining centred and huge. So for example on this demo site you'll see that the Latest News section has images to the left when the browser is wide, but central on a narrow screen.
    If this were in a narrow column the images would always be central with the text underneath. Hopefully this makes sense! :-)
  • Videos in a Related Image Gallery modals are automatically paused when you close the modal or move to the next image/video.

The next User Group Zoom Chat will be at midday on Tuesday 6th February. Details on the Voice Users site as usual!

That's all for now!