Hi all. This is a recently occurring problem. I have two websites I manage and one of the, I can no longer access on my iPad - just get to the e-voice homepage. I can still access it on other devices - phone and laptop, just not the iPad. My other website continues to be fine on the iPad. What am I doing wrong?

The offending website is www.lavch.org.uk

Posted by Eileen Murray on

I don’t believe it. I’ve been having attempts to access on my iPad for a couple of weeks now, to no avail. I post the problem on here and it seems instantly fixed. Hoping this doesn’t mean it is an intermittent problem……🙄🤣 E x

Posted by Joe Oldak on

If you can get to the Voice site and your other website, then it could have been a DNS problem with your custom domain.

I've checked the publicly visible DNS records for the domain and it all seems fine.

I suppose the other alternative is that it was a weirdness specifically on your iPad. Maybe it had cached an error page or something.

Weird, but glad it's working now anyway!