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Hi Sue,

Sorry for the slow reply on this. I have given it a bit of thought but there's no great solution I can think of.

You're right that embedding the page on a form then publishing/unpublishing it would certainly prevent people filling it in at the wrong time.

And you can set up a publish/unpublish schedule for a page in the Publishing tab. However you can't set it to repeat at a regular time.

All I could think to do would be use some sort of third party automation service, such as If This Then That ( to load the publish/unpublish URL at a given time every day. However this isn't straight forward as it would also need to log in as an admin on your site to do so!

Does anyone else on here have any experience with automation that could help?



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Thanks v much Joe.

I will take a look at that service - not heard of it before - MS forms is doing the job we want but definite limitations...




We use Google forms for one specific purpose within our club, that e-voice surveys did not quite cover. One of the good things with Google's implementation of forms is that you can get plugins that add functionality.

Having had a quick look, there are a few plugins that allow to add various scheduling options to the Google form. The bad news is I can only see one that seems to do what you want, and it is a paid add-on. Although it is not that expensive ($6 / year), and it does have a free trial for testing etc.

I have not tested, so no idea how well it works, it seems you schedule the form availability via an appointment in a Google calendar. The add-in can be found here:

Not sure if this helps or not, but it could be worth a look.






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Hi Stephen

Thank you very much for getting back with your thinking.

ATM we don't want to move away from MS forms for data privacy/security reasons.

I reckon MS forms is a fairly blunt tool unless you're a programmer/developer (which we're not!!) so might be waiting a while for Microsoft to add functionality...

Appreciate your response though - thank you v much. It's a useful forum here!