Posted by Joe Oldak on

Someone else reported this over email the other day too - strange that it would start happening for a few people at the same time. I think there's something going occasionally odd with loading larger assets from the server (such as the javascript for the editor, and occasionally some images too).

If it happens again then doing a reload in the browser should fix it. Or logging out and in again might help. I don't think there's any permanent problem here, just an occasional glitch preventing it loading fully.

As it happens I have been researching a replacement wysiwyg editor - something a bit more modern and up to date! Don't hold your breath, but hopefully in the not-too-incredibly-distant future we might have something better for you to use!




Posted by Peter D. on

Just as an update to the above, I followed some advice I read elsewhere that following a browser update, it sometimes wasn't enough to simply log out and log back in again to chrome. The advice was to go into the Chrome Settings menu and select the Reset Settings option, which would return settings to their default values.

I've tried this, as I had nothing else to lose and, much to my relief, everything is now working perfectly again. No more html showing when editing text content.

Posted by SVH_Webmin on

I suggest clearing the local cache for the browser.

Chrome is dreadful at holding on to out of date stuff.

Ctrl+F5 will load a fresh page.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete to call the Clear browsing data interface.

Select the cache files you want to delete.

Many thanks.

A simple refresh did the trick.

I was using Edge.  The strange thing was that the test system looked fine.

Must be something to do with a Windows upgrade - all looked as usual on another PC but the upgrade hadn't been done.

Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Nope, it's browsers and the internet.

There is a thing called Edge Caching and combined with the browser cache, work well for many sites BUT low volume sites (number of visitors) suffer as the interaction between the two can be a bit "slow" and pages can get "out of date".

Forcing an cache update fixes this, till it happens again....