After the very helpful session on updating the Home Page, I have set up the basic new layout on the test system for the Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Society (KEHS).  We use Bootstrap.

The plan was to set up a top nav bar to replace the left hand subject index and use a grid to replace the right hand calendar index.  All looked good.

We have 3 levels for our Horticultural Shows.  It was only when I was updating the live website that I noticed that the 3rd level was no longer displaying.  This crucially has all the Show Schedules etc and Show Results.  When I reverted to the Left Column List format this re-appeared. (Horticultural Shows (1) is broken down into General Show Info and Show Results (2) which each have sub-sections (3).

Is it possible to have the top Nav Bar and 3 levels of information?


2: Re: Nav Bar with 3 Levels (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Currently no, there isn't an option to have the top navbar with three levels of navigation. I don't really think you could fit all that into a navbar - it'd always need some sort of extra nav panel I think. The Modern theme has this but none of the others at the moment (and Modern will be retired soon).

The Clarity theme can also have lots of levels, but uses a pop-up navigation (we use this on the Documentation pages).

One option would be for you to add the Child List includelet onto pages where you have more subitems, rather than having them all in the navbar (again, you can see this in action in the Documentation).



3: Re: Nav Bar with 3 Levels (response to 2)

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Child List includelet has worked well to show the Show Results.  It's actually better than the original 3 level structure.  Having looked into these, I can see that the Child List includelet will be useful elsewhere.  I hadn't realized its potential before. 

Thanks also for the topics demo'd at the last zoom meeting.  I was able to use the grid structure and buttons to point to the Spring, Summer and Autumn Shows on the hidden level 3. It also looks better visually.