I tried adding a new page which I expected to appear on the normal navigation.

When created it replaced the home page which I did not expect.

What option should be used to create a new page that contains text and pictures and can be addressed from the main navigation

See the the Getting Started helpsheet section about adding a new page.

I think one gotcha here is that if you don't click the "Go" button then you will edit the current page instead of creating a new one - maybe this is what happened?



Hi Joe

Using your suggestions I tried again.

The page appeared in the site map this time but not in the navigation. It still took over as the home page.

A link that I put in the page text to another site, came up in a frame with no means of navigating back, rather than linking to it in a new tab so users could jump between the two as I wanted it to. Is this a limitation of the system?

I have left it as it is, so you can have a look at it if possible and tell me where I am going wrong.

Thanks for your help.





When you are adding a link, you get the option to open in the current window or a new window. If it is a link to an external site, you'll usually want it to open in a new tab - you don't want people to leave the site. If it's a link to a different page on your site, you'll usually want it to open in the current window


You should have the option directly under where you are writing the content. It says "Include in navigation?".


Apologies, I took screenshot but can't add them

Hi Joe

Having logged back in today, everything is working fine.

I had set the include in navigation but while I was previewing before publication the new page kept appearing ahead of the home page and even after publication it kept doing the same but today it is working as intended.

Is there a time gap between adding a new page to be included in the navigation and it starting to work as intended ?

All very frustrating but working now.

Thank for your help.



There's a small delay from publishing a change before it appears to non-logged-in users, because the page is cached on the server - though it shouldn't be longer than about 30 seconds before the cache notices the change and stores a new version.

If you're logged in then pages aren't cached and you see all updates immediately.

I'm glad you got it working in the end!



Hi Bryn,

One gotcha here, which maybe is what caught you out, is that if you preview an unpublished page that is set to show in the navigation, you won't actually see it in the navigation!

This is because when you preview a page it uses the live version of the menu structure, ignoring unpublished changes.

So in this way, yes, it could look like the new page that you are previewing has "taken over" the homepage, because you won't see the new page appearing in the navigation.

This could be quite difficult to change on the server, as the code that generates the navigation doesn't know if you're previewing or viewing live content. I'll stick it on the to do list though and if I get some inspiration I'll update it!