Posted by Gandha on

We already have a navigation menu on the home page for general topics but I want to add some pages about our history along with photographs. Is there any way I can have a menu of some form of navigation for multiple pages without adding them to the general navigation menu? 

Posted by Joe Oldak on

If you create a Folder in the CMS, then you can choose to automatically show links to sub-items on that page, without them being in the main navigation. (i.e., click on Create Item, then select Folder from the pop-down menu, then click OK)

So for example if you look at the Getting Started helpsheet, you will see that the bottom half of that page has grey boxes linking to sub-pages.

You can also achieve this by adding the Child List includelet to any page, and you'll get those same boxes linking to sub-pages.

And you can also achieve it with lots more different configuration options using the Filtered Item List includelet. (Child List is really just a special case of Filtered Item List, which shows all sub-items in boxes that we call 'wells').

You can se a similar thing in action in the Showcase and Noticeboard sections of the Voice site (just click the items in the navbar at the top of this page!)

Also - if you do turn on Show in Navigation for a sub-page of a page, then it will appear as a sub-item in the navigation. This will be a popdown menu or secondary navbar, depending on your chosen theme.

Hope this helps!


Posted by Gandha on

Sorry Joe but I don't understand your instructions at all.  I've  never seen anything called an includelet or a child list on my admin pages, or a filtered item list.  I have to make do with what I've learned myself so far.unfortunately. 

Nor do I understand how creating a folder can lead to having a navigation menu with drop down items.

I want to add a drop down menu from the What's On tab for Training and another one for Events. Is there an easy way to do this?  without involving includelets etc.


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Try going to the What's On page and creating a new page there, so that it appears under the What's On page in the Site Map.

You can find out all about Includelets in the documentation. I recommend reading through all the sections of the Getting Started helpsheet and understanding the different bits, even if you don't actually do them on your site.

You can find out more about includelets in the CMS section of the documentation.

You could join us in the next User Group Zoom chat on the 12th March, where I can demo adding pages and creating a dropdown nav menu. More info on the Voice Users website.