Hi all,

I've made some improvements to the way Videos are handled in the Assets Library. You no longer specify Quicktime/Realplayer/Windowsmedia files - just a single video file, and it's up to you to ensure it's a suitable web format.

I recommend MP4/H.264, or WebM.

These videos are then added directly to a page using the <video> tag, in a variety of ways:

  • Use the Video Asset includelet to add a single video to a page. (There's also an Audio Asset includelet that adds an audio file with controls.)
  • The Related Image Gallery includelet can build a nice gallery of both Images and Videos on a page, which pop-up in modals when you click on them.
  • You can use the Insert picture or file button in the WYSIWYG to add a video or audio file to the page, then the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button to change the settings. The WYSIWYG does a pretty bad job of displaying this, but when you view the page it looks fine!

There's an example of the Related Image Gallery here in this helpsheet, which contains images and a couple of videos.

Have fun y'all!