Posted by Joe Oldak on

I didn't want to overload the New Documentation thread, so here are a load of other smaller things that have gone live today at the same time as the documentation:

As mentioned elsewhere, images from the Assets Library are now served at a larger size by default.

The Child List includelet now uses full size boxes for links to each sub-page, showing Full title and Subtitle, rather than just a boring list. This will affect the default News section if you use it on your site, and anywhere that you're using a Folder item type and have turned on the display of sub-items. You can see how this looks on the Getting Started Helpsheet.

There's a new Next and Previous Links includelet. You can see it in action at the bottom of the sub-pages of the Getting Started helpsheet.

An option to give images a drop shadow in the WYSIWYG. I use this for the screenshots in the documentation. (Go to Advanced > Class in the Insert/Edit Image dialogue)

A few bug fixes, including in the Events Calendar where the Add New Event button wasn't clickable on mobile size screens