Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

Great news! (I think!?). I've revamped the Documentation Pages.

This is of course an ongoing work in progress, but this is an important first step, as previously it was all a mess. From here it should be a bit easier to keep it up to date with changes!

The highlights are:

  • Use of the new Clarity theme to make it super-readable, and to have a full side-menu listing all pages.
  • A completely new Getting Started helpsheet. This is probably the most important thing as it is (or should be) the first thing that new site admins read. I recommend everyone goes and reads it now, even if you're an experienced admin!
  • Use of animated GIFs to demonstrate some actions. They look good! (IMHO)
  • Lots of use of the Child List includelet to subdivide sections into pages. (e.g., the list of topics when you view the Getting Started helpsheet)
  • Use of a new Next and Previous Page Links includelet, for moving through pages in a section (e.g., again, in the Getting Started helpsheet)
  • All pages have been reviewed and updated. (Some more thoroughly than others it has to be said)

I'd be interested in feedback on this - in particular if you think there are some pages missing that we should add, or any pages with errors on them!


Joe - Voice Admin