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You raise some good points about videos, which is something I've been wanting to improve for quite a while, but never really been sure of what would be best to do.

(Also to some extent audio files!)

While you can currently upload a video into the assets library (providing it's not too large - max 100mb), there isn't really an awful lot you can do with it once it's there. There's no way to get it to embed nicely onto a page. I was hoping that an updated WYSIWYG editor it might be able to do a proper html5-style video/audio embed, which is why I have kept the video and audio folders despite them not being all that useful at the moment. Though this is a project for another day (hopefully not too far off!)

A lot of the video handling on Voice predates the popularity of YouTube/Vimeo, and definitely predates the ability of browsers to natively play video. And so yes, really we should be handling web-standard formats like MP4 and ignoring all the rest.

Until I revamp this with an updated WYSIWYG that can embed a video/audio onto a page then I recommend using the YouTube or Vimeo includelets to embed a video, and not uploading them to Voice at all.

There has been discussion elsewhere of supporting videos in the Photo Album application (and associated includelets) - which sounds like a good move, since video is so popular these days, and often you would want to show videos alongside photos. This is something I will also look into.

Hopefully this helps!



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Hi Joe

Thanks for your response.

I think that the Youtube includelet is all that is required really, as it keeps the storage load off of the voice system and avoids any choices of which conversion is required.

This needs to ensure that only the nominated video plays and control returns to the website after it finishes, so viewers are not exposed to other Youtube videos at the end.

The only downside is that one needs to learn at least 2 more skills,

1. Learn how to create a Youtube channel which means dealing with the American circular mindset. One day they may learn how to create an organised and logical framework but not likely.

2. Find and learn how to use a suitable video editor.

Maybe a couple of Voice help pages on the 2 subjects may be helpful.

I think that end of the day you cannot be expected to be a one man band for all these subject areas so maybe it might be worth asking for vounteers to start up various help groups to create centres of expertise.


1. A photography skills group.

2. A video editing skills group

2. A youtube channel skills group


The task for each group would be to create Voice help pages for their subject area.

I may as a newbie, be missing the fact that such resources already exist.




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My efforts to date for an effective simple website can be seen at

This has involved

1. Initial nderstanding of the Voice management system

2.Learning how to create an email form

3. Learning how to use and manage the Voice calendar app

4. Coming to grips with photo editing apps on Windows

5. Finding and learning how to use video editing software on Windows

6.Learning how to create and manage a Youtube channel

7. Learning how to manage videos on the Voice system

This all takes time and a lot of effort without a simple user guide to follow.

If anyone has made efforts to create such a guide I would be glad to see it and help to refine it for others to use.

Maybe this is something to discuss at  the next Zoom meeting





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There'll soon be a new and comprehensive Getting Started helpsheet in the documentation, that I've been working on recently.

I'll announce when it's published to the Voice website.

It does however only cover how to do the Voice side of things. How to edit photos and videos on your computer is so dependent on what computer and software you're using that I'm not sure it'd ever be possible for Voice to cover this usefully.

Your suggestion of a 'skills group' for these things is interesting.

In the first instance you'd be welcome to ask on the forums if there is anyone who could help you with any tasks, and we can raise it at the next user group meeting. I don't really have the capacity to run any groups, but if there are a few like-minded individuals who are keen to do so they would entirely have the blessing of Voice, and I'd be willing to help where appropriate! :-)



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Thanks Joe

As you suggested I have made an entry in the new features section with a proposal for a user driven set of skills pages. Hopefully it will promote a discussion.