Posted by Joe Oldak on

There'll soon be a new and comprehensive Getting Started helpsheet in the documentation, that I've been working on recently.

I'll announce when it's published to the Voice website.

It does however only cover how to do the Voice side of things. How to edit photos and videos on your computer is so dependent on what computer and software you're using that I'm not sure it'd ever be possible for Voice to cover this usefully.

Your suggestion of a 'skills group' for these things is interesting.

In the first instance you'd be welcome to ask on the forums if there is anyone who could help you with any tasks, and we can raise it at the next user group meeting. I don't really have the capacity to run any groups, but if there are a few like-minded individuals who are keen to do so they would entirely have the blessing of Voice, and I'd be willing to help where appropriate! :-)



Posted by BrynM on

Thanks Joe

As you suggested I have made an entry in the new features section with a proposal for a user driven set of skills pages. Hopefully it will promote a discussion.