Posted by Joe Oldak on

If you're able to pick up the includelet but it won't drop into the slot, ensure that before you let go of it that a red line has appeared in the slot, indicating that this is the position where it will drop.

For example, if you drop it like this it will jump back to the slot where you picked it up:

Includelet Drag Fail

But if you drop it like this it will land in the Trash slot:

Includelet Drag Success

Maybe this will help!?


Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

If I may I would like to add a postscript to the discussion.  Whilst I can add an Includelet on a page, and publish it, whilst working on my iPad I am them unable to delete (move the Includelet) to Trash. Yet I have no problem in doing this whilst using a PC.  If you are having problems is this caused by trying to do it on a tablet instead of a PC?