Posted by Joe Oldak on

I don't think there's an includelet to do exactly what you want, but there are a few options that would work here:

  • Just add the image to the main content of the page. This doesn't add it to a panel though so presumably isn't what you want!
  • Use the Custom includelet. With this you can select title and graphic, then add whatever text you like to go with it. The graphic will be displayed to the left/right of the text on wide browsers, and full width on narrow browsers or in narrow columns.
    For example this page is made of four custom includelets.
  • Try the Item List includelet, select a title, graphic, and description, but no items for the list. This will display the graphic full width on all browser sizes with the description underneath.
  • Use the Slider includelet with just one image. (or add multiple images, e.g., the top three photos of the month)

Hopefully these ideas are helpful!



Posted by Kitlin on

So sorry Joe, but whatever I try, nothing is appearing on the home page. My inspiration is Axholme Camera Club's site which is excellent with a photo of the month on their home page and a link to an associated folder. Can you see how they've done this or should I try to contact them direct?

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Something should appear, if you add the includelet with the appropriate content and then preview/publish the page? Anyway...

Axholme Camera Club are using the Custom includelet and for the Visual Treats panel on their homepage, and the main page content for the Picture of the Month.

So for the panel of Visual Treats, do something like:

  1. Go to the Layout tab in the CMS for your homepage
  2. Add a Custom includelet (in their case in the left column, though wherever you want)
  3. Give it a Title and select Panel mode.
  4. In the editor add the text which you want to link to the folder, and make it a link to the folder's URL. (load the folder/album in a separate browser tab then cut and paste the URL)
  5. Add the picture from the Assets library below this, using the Insert picture or file button in the editor. Then add a caption below that.
    (this does mean that you need to add the picture to the Assets Library, as well as it being in the Photo Album app - there's no way to add it directly)
  6. Repeat as necessary!
  7. Save changes, preview the page, and publish when you're happy. (I like to open my Preview into a new browser tab so I can make changes and reload the tab until I'm happy)

For their main Picture of the Month, they have added this as an image in the main content of the page. i.e., on the Edit tab for the homepage: Add the text and link to folder, add the image from the Assets library as above, then add the caption below that.

So they haven't used any "fancy" includelets for either of these.

I'm sure they would be happy for you to get in touch with them directly to see if they have any further tips about using your site. You could use the Leave Feedback link in the footer of their site, which will email all the site admins.