Grass Blades

Responsive Layouts

As you've seen on the main page of this demo site, you can create multi-column layouts easily, with different content in each column.

But what if you want to have a content page with lots of images and an interesting layout, that also behaves sensibly on small screens?

Summer Leaves

Custom includelet

The Custom includelet comes to the rescue here! Simply create chunks of content with this includelet and associate an image with each one. You can add multiple of these to a page, specifying whether the image should be to the left or right of the content.

Leaf Curl

Right Left Right

On this example page we're using several Custom Includelets, some with the image configured to the right, and others to the left.

Though when this page is viewed on a mobile device (or a narrow desktop browser) the images are always shown before each piece of text, so that it flows correctly.


In a box

You can also configure your Custom includelet to be a panel instead of inline, so that the content is in a nice box, like this!