Posted by Leigh1566 on

When using the 5 area format, no includelet saves to the right column. They all just get added under the centre column.

2: Re: 5 Area Format Error (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

I think this is because you have a Background Begin in the left column and a Background End in the right column, and this is messing up how the columns display when you view the page.

Try keeping the begin/end in the same column and hopefully it'll work out! It'll never work propery with begin/end in different page slots.

That said - I'm not sure how effective using the Background Begin/End includelets will be with a multi-column layout, because the background image won't be restricted to just the column it's in.

I've only ever used the Background includelets with single column displays, a like these examples: Superhighways, Refugee Advocacy Forum, Women's Budget Group.