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This site states that if you wish to change the URL to another domain name, only purchase the domain and nothing else. However, my website will require several email addresses hosted on the server ( Is this something I can do with voice.

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Voice doesn't manage email addresses for domains - just the website.

The registrar where you buy your domain is likely to offer email services - either a mailbox or forwarding to your existing email accounts. This may be included with your domain or be a small additional charge.

You can also host email using Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook, or another hosting provider, though they will charge for this service.

(from a technical point of view, when you configure the DNS for your domain, the A record is used to go to the website, and MX record used for email, and these can point to different services)


Joe - Voice Admin

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Posted by SVH_Webmin on

As Joe mentioned others can provide such a service.

If you want them dedicated to your domain, have a look at they have a package including lots of email accounts for £40 pa (ex-vat).

They can also register the domain for you can move the domain to them and carry on using the e-voice platform.