Posted by JoMaye on

Sorry because this is a bit of a sidetrack, but can you tell me roughly how you are pulling that info in automatically in Mailchimp please? It sounds like a huge timesaver!

Posted by Stephen_DSmith on

Hi Yes,

In the MailChimp settings turn on the New Builder (beta), rather than the classic builder.

When you create an email (you may need a clean new template) you can add an "app" and then select the "link preview" by MailChimp. When you put the link of the page, news item, or event it pulls the image with the title and description into the email.

It's not perfect, it also puts the domain of your site above the title, which could look better, also as reported it does not include the date / time of calendar events but I think I can live with that as it is a timesaver...

Posted by JoMaye on

Thank you for taking the time to explain. Off to have a little play around now!