Posted by Kev Cannings on

Hi Joe,

Thanks for zoom call today. Very informative.

There was a couple of items that I'd really like to know more about.

You showed us a way to display pages that are in a list that can be linked to. I'm not describing very well, but each item had a link and and image. the image showed on the left for item 1, then on the right for item 2 and so on for all the items that were relevant. How was that done?

The second (and might be related to the first) but you mentioned about creating a new item called a "redirect" - what was that and how do you use it?

In terms of focus groups, I'd welcome being part of a group that shares ideas on how to improve sites. Other photographic societies would be nice, but just generally having input from experts users that could share feedback/ suggestions how they made their site engaging and easy to read. A practical workshop/ Q&A/ step by step session on how to set up xyz feature would be really nice.

Thanks, Kev

2: Re: Today's zoom call (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Kev,

The layouts using images to the left and the right are done using the Custom includelet.

This includelet is used to place chunks of wysiwyg content in different columns/areas of a page. It has the option to also have an image, and you can choose whether you want the image to be to the left or the right of the content. On a mobile-size screen the image will show above the content.


The redirect is a content type in the CMS that redirects to a different URL. It has a Title and Subtitle, and can have a Related Image, and can optionally be added to your navigation menu. It can also appear in your Filtered Item Lists alongside other content items.

For example, the Showcase section is a Filtered Item List showing items of type Redirect, and is configured to show each items in a separate well.


I think the idea of having Zoom workshops where we go through how a particular site or feature was set up would be useful. These could be relatively short as they'd be focused on just one thing, rather than trying to cover lots of stuff.

A good place to start is with identifying the sites that do interesting things which we can share with the group. I have attempted to gather some of these in the Showcase section, but if you see other sites doing good stuff then let us know!