Posted by Sara Milocco on

Is there a way to delete old images and documents in a bulk? 

We have lots of images that are not organised in folders; it looks like the onlly way I have to delete them is to click on each one of them and delete individually. Have started but it takes far too long. 

I was wondering if there is a way to tick all the pictures I want to delete and then press delete so that all the highlighted ones get deleted in one go?

Posted by Joe Oldak on

There's no way to bulk-delete, but there is a much quicker way than clicking on each image one by one and then clicking the delete button.

First, go to the Assets Library, then click on the Images folder in the content tree on the left.

Assets Folder

You'll then see a list of all the images, with a thumbnail image, in the main column. From here you can click the little bin icon to delete it.

Asset Actions

This puts the image into the Trash folder. You can empty the trash once you're happy that the images aren't needed anywhere!



Posted by sue potter on

Hi Jo

Apologies, I am sure this has been asked but couldn't find the thread.

Before deleting, how can i check if an asset (image or doc) is being used and shouldn't be delted?



Posted by Joe Oldak on

There's no perfect way to check whether an image or document (or a page on your site) isn't being linked to from elsewhere, and unfortunately Voice doesn't keep track of this.

Indeed, a page or document could be linked from somewhere else on the Internet which you have no control over. So even if you don't have a link to it on your site, it may be referenced from elsewhere.

One thing you could do is to check in the Reports tab of your site to see if the image/document is being viewed. If it has zero hits then it's a safe bet that it's not being used anywhere!



Posted by sue potter on
Thanks Joe.
I have been a bit cavalier deleting images! Just been keeping fingers crossed they were placed on old versions of our webpages or old news / events.
I'll take a look at the report facility - thanks for your suggestion
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Sue,

Another option is to create a folder in your Assets library called something like "Old Images" and move the images into there that you don't think you're using.

The URL of the image won't change even if you move it into a folder.

That way, you can organise your existing assets to get old ones out of the way, without breaking any pages/links that might still be using them.

(Note: if you move Content pages into a different folder of your site the URL does change, but moving Assets into folders doesn't change their URLs)