Posted by Stephen_DSmith on


I am not sure if this is actually a bug or something that I have done incorrectly. e.g. deleting a survey without having deleted the responses, if so please let me know.

I have a survey that uses an attachment, when I view the full summary of the responses I can see more attachments than responses. The view of responses per person is correct it is just the summary view where the issue appears to be. It's possible these may be the results of testing from a different survey that has since been deleted but I am not sure.

Currently, only the last 2 files are genuine responses from this survey, is there a way to remove the attachments that don't relate to a response?




Posted by Joe Oldak on

Doesn't look like something you've done wrong, looks like a bug where it's showing attachments that it shouldn't.

I'll look into this and publish a fix shortly!