I can answer the 2nd point.  I assume that the Noticeboard resides in the "private" rather than the public part of your website.  Your members need to opt-in to receive email notifications.  Once they log in the login button changes to include reference to "Your Account".  It is in each members profile.  The 1st tab allows members to make changes to email addresses, passwords, etc.  The 2nd tab contains information that cannot be changed.  In the 3rd tab there is a reference to opting into emails.  Tick the box next to the name of the organisation and on the corresponding drop-down box to the right change to instant.  The downside is that even as a local administrator you have to encourage your members to opt-in as it cannot be done remotely (as an administrator).

As administrator you can check and see who has opted in and those who haven't through the manage website function in the private area.

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Ah yes, got it. Works well. Thanks Alan!