Sorry for a slow response Joanna, I didn't have a good answer to this initially (other than "no").

I think we can now do something rather better! However, it will require rebuilding your directory of links using CMS Redirect pages rather than using the Links app.

It's a bit complicated but would be awesome once working...

First, create a CMS page called Organisations that help or similar, which can have a bit of intro text. Save this page for now but we'll edit it again later!

Create Redirect pages as sub-pages of this page - which have a title, subtitle, optionally an image, and the URL of the site, and also give them some Keywords. Don't include these in the navigation menu, you'll see why in a mo. You'll need to create one page for each site you want to link to (create just a few to begin with to try it out, then add more later!).

Once you have a few of these Redirect pages set up as sub-pages, let's go back to the main Organisations that help page...

From the Layout tab add a Filtered Item List includelet that creates a grid (or a list) of sub-pages, using the Title and Subtitle display mode. When viewed on the live page this will show big long list/grid of all the Redirect pages, with the intro text, and when you click it'll take you to the site.

So far we've basically just recreated the Useful Links app in the CMS. However there is a point to this madness...

On the Organisations that help page, also add a Filtered Item List Keywords includelet in a side column.

Now, when you view the page, it'll show any Keywords you've added to your Redirect pages as filters. Clicking any of these filters will then only show the Redirect pages that have these keywords set in the list.

There's an example of this in action here on the Superhighways site. They've done it to create a Blog section, but it'd work just the same with Redirects.

If you're interested in doing this but want a bit of help getting going then let me know, and I can get you started with it!


Joe - Voice Admin