Hi Joe,

I have just set up a Noticeboard entry and this generates an email to all those who have opted to receive messages as a notification.  That's fine & brilliant.

The notification that I received was as I had expected.  However, contained within the notification were 2 links to pdf files contained within a folder on the website.  I've set up the link to enable members to access the documents without having to hunt for them within the system.  The links work perfectly when used in the Noticeboard part of the website, but when used directly from the email it asks the recipient to log in (which is fine as the documents are within the private area) and then once logged in it takes them to their system profile rather than the pdf.  

I'm not sure whether this is supposed to happen and if not is this classed as a bug?


Posted by Joe Oldak on

If you follow a link which prompts you to log in to see something then it should send you back to that something once you've logged in. So if it's not doing so then it's probably a bug - maybe something to do with the link in the email?

Could you forward the email you received to admin@e-voice.org.uk and I'll take a look!