Posted by Joe Oldak on

A useful logo display change in the Bootstrap theme...

Previously if your site had a logo but you turned off the banner in the theme options, and didn't have the logo set to appear in the navigation, then the logo wouldn't appear on the site.

Now, if you have a logo configured then it'll definitely always show. Thus:

  • If you set 'logo in navigation' it'll appear the main site navigation, with the position depending on the style of navigation (if it's a navbar or pills it's on the left, if it's a list then it's centred above the first link).
  • If you don't set 'logo in navigation' then the logo will now appear in the left of the banner if you have one, or central at the top of the site if you don't.

I've also removed the default logo if there wasn't one configured (which was a transparentish Voice logo).

The layout inside the banner area is now a bit different depending on whether or not you have a logo. With a logo the logo is left and text is left aligned to the right of it. Without a logo the text is centred.



Posted by Nick_H on

On both my sites the logo has grown somewhat, and the text has shrunk and been squashed between the logo and the large search box.  Can the search box be moved to below the text (website name) and text spread from logo to righthand side.  Just looks very odd now.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

I see you're using the Modern theme - I've added a max-height on the logo to prevent it getting taller than 150px (same as the other two themes). Though I'm pretty sure nothing has changed recently with regards to the search box and site name.

Personally I would recommend you try the Bootstrap or Fresh theme. Bootstrap has more layout options for menus/logos, and both have a nice way to have the Search bar appear only when the user clicks the Search button.

If you'd like access to a test site to try different themes then let me know by email and I'll give you the details.