Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

A notable change has just gone live: the Teaser on CMS pages is has been renamed to Subtitle, and gained some new functionality, both to make it more understandable and more useful!

Previously Teaser was quite a confusing thing for a page - as it didn't show up on the page itself and was only visible if you used an Includelet like Filtered Item List to show a listing of pages.

It has now changed in the following ways:

  • Teaser has been renamed to Subtitle.
  • There is an option on the Edit tab for a page to show the Subtitle on the page, prominently, below the main Title. (The Subtitle will only be visible if the Title is also visible on a page.)
  • The Subtitle is text only, not a full WYSIWYG editor. (if you've previously put styling into a Teaser it has now been removed)
  • Includelets which referred to Teaser now refer to Subtitle instead.
  • (I'll update the documentation shortly to reflect these changes)

Hopefully this is a useful and understandable improvement to your editing experience! If you have any questions then please reply to this forum post and I will add clarification.


Joe - Voice Admin