1: Logo
Posted by PhilJ on

Hi Joe,

Is there any way to have our own logo appear in the browser tab bar rather than the e-Voice logo ?



2: Re: Logo (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

No, at the moment all pages/sites get the Voice megaphone guy (which I did recently update to have a retina-resolution icon).

It could be good to be able to change it though, for sites with a strong brand that they want to maintain. Especially as some search engines (e.g., duckduckgo) also show the logo in the search results.

It's not just as simple as using the site logo though, as there are strict size/resolution requirements for the icons. There'd need to be some custom processing of the logo for it to work. I'll look into it.


Joe - Voice Admin

3: Re: Logo (response to 2)
Posted by PhilJ on

Hi Jo,

Being able to customize the logo would be very useful e.g. if you have a page shortcut saved as an icon/app on an iPad it currently shows the megahphone man which is not particularly useful.

Look forward to seeing if this can be provided.

Thanks again.