Hope you are good + thank you for all you do ...

We have been lucky enough to have a WEBSITE on MAILCHIMP for free for a year or two !

It looks like they want us to pay now ?

As we are a community group - we were lucky enough to be accepted by VOICE

I was wondering can we import the MAILCHIMP website to VOICE ( which I think is a fab service - thank you VOICE) ?

Can we import WORD or HTM files straight into the VOICE WEBSITE ?

I played about with the ASSET LIBRARY option - I just wonder what other people think about IMPORTING ...

Hope we have a good week

In love + solidarity



Posted by Voice Admin on

I'm afraid there's no good way to import data from a third party site into Voice. Although it seems like it should be simple, it's actually a really difficult thing to do, in terms of having pages link correctly to each other, loading images from the right place, etc.

Also, Voice doesn't provide a hosting directory where you can upload files. It's a website builder and content management system in itself. If you just upload your existing HTML files into the assets library it won't work like your old website.

So, really, it's a case of building a new site on Voice using the provided tools. You can add your images to the Assets Library, and then use the Content management to create pages, and insert images as appropriate. You can of course cut and paste the text bits from your old site into the Voice content editor, but this would have to be done one page at a time.

Once you get the hang of it you'll find you can get content into Voice quite quickly.


Joe - Voice Admin

Hi Joe

Thank you for your reply + all you do ...

Fingers crossed we have migrated the website to E-VOICE !

I just wanted to thank E-VOICE for being there for us ...

Hope we have a good week

In love + solidarity