7: Re: W3C ?? (response to 6)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Sorry, I don't know which colour templates provide the best contrast ratio, so I'm afraid it's a case of trying them out and finding the one that has enough contrast that you're happy with. Note that the Modern theme does allow you to specify the link colour should that be helpful.

Out of interest, which tool are you using for the WCAG testing?

In better news, there are a few changes in the pipeline that'll help here.

  • I'm currently working on a new theme that is built around a simple accessible layout and will have customisable colours, so you can easily select ones that match your brand as well as giving you good accessibility.
    This should be available in a few weeks and will be simple for you to switch to from the current themes.
  • I am looking at adding an accessibility toolkit such as UserWay that can be enabled for any site that wants it. This adds settings to a site that lets visitors increase font size or improve the contrast.
    In the meantime you could add the widget yourself to your site by adding the embed code to the theme settings. You can see an example of it in action on the SuperHighways Voice site.

I am also open to other suggestions on how we can improve accessibility.



8: Re: W3C ?? (response to 7)
Posted by Adriana Jones on

Hi Joe - thanks for coming back to me.  Certainly sounds as though some good updates are on their way.

With regard to the WCAG testing, I am using one of the sites suggested in out Governing Bodies Accessibiity Guide - WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (webaim.org).  If you go to this webiste and put in our webiste address it comes up with all sort of alerts for issues I deem to be 'outside of our control' (albeit a couple of issues are directly related to our content).

I will certainly have a look at the 'Modern' Theme and see if this helps.

Once again, thank you for keep responding to these emails - for many of us this is a steep learning curve.