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Does anyone know if e-voice websites meet W3C single A accessibility standards please??

Thank you! We are a charity applying for funding but the requirements state the above.

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Posted by Voice Admin on

Yes, it's something we aim to provide with all our themes, I believe they do meet the standards. Though because we don't have complete control of the content we can't guarantee this (e.g., we can't stop a site admin from creating content that is not compliant).

We are always happy to try to improve the themes if we find any areas in which they are not compliant.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Posted by Felix on

Our Parish Council have a page on the Tewin Village website. I have been asked to check if it is accessable, and have checked it with Wave, a web accessibility evaluation tool recommended by the UK Government website ( This also says that websites should meet WCAG2.1 as a minimum.

I can fix some of the accessibility issues it found with the Parish Council's page with extra styling, and adding a heading line to a table in the content, but there are a couple I cannot fix myself.

Is there any chance you could:

1) Add a language in the page headers. Either setting it to English, or allowing site admins to set the language?

2) Add a title in the input tag of the "search this site" form.

Currently we are using the bootstrap Lumen style. This gives a lot of Contrast errors, especially for the links. Could you recommend one of the other bootstrap styles which gives more contrast?

Thank you,

Felix Green


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Posted by Voice Admin on

I have added "en" to the html tag (allowing users to specify language is a good idea, but in practice they're generally English on Voice). I've also added a label to the search input for screen readers.

Regarding the themes - yes you're right the contrast isn't great on the some of the menu links etc. You could try the alternative menu bar colour or different colour schemes. I'm afraid I don't know offhand which ones have the most contrast.

The colour schemes come from BootSwatch. You can look at the samples on their site and decide which you like before trying them on your site. (note that we use Bootstrap v3 not v4)



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Posted by Felix on

Thank you Joe,

This has made the two main errors go away!