Thanks Felicia

Unfortunately my knowledge of such things is very limited, but I appreciate your guidance which I am no doubt will prove useful. 

Can I please ask that someobyd from 'Voice' responds to this thread and advises if the Voice websites are compliant if of themselves, or if there is something that we (as users) need to actively do to make our webistes compliant.



Hi Adriana,

I have found some aspects of the site will not pass the basic tests to meet WCAG 2.1. Those features require a significant amount of coding and changes.

I my opinion, I belive Joe has done a great job in providing a service that has helped many parish councils and community groups with a web presence, but in my very personal opinion no longer viable for Councils with the new regualtions and the need for engagement.
We moved to Eyelid Productions when Joe closed the service to Bedfordshire. You can find me on the Stondon PC website and happy to discuss my experiances

Councils also need to work to develop a suitable set of documents to meet these requirements and improve levels of engagement.

James Stirling, Clerk to Stondon Parish Council. 
The above are my personal experiances and not a representation of the Council.


Hi James - thanks for your email.

I agree the site has been great for us so far, and fully appreciate everything Joe has done.  But we are obviously in a situation where if we contiunue with the site we may not be compliant, and as such I was just trying to determine if 'Voice' generally is complaint, or if there are things we can do to make it compliant. 

By the sound of it you know what you are talking about, have done your research and decided the site cannot offer the compliance we need as a local authority.

I will do some research too, but it would be very helpful if Joe could give a position statement on the matter so I know where to go.

I really am very grateful to everybody for taking the time to respond.

Kind regards