Hi, your platform has been recommended for our new Parish Council website. 

Can someone recommend some webpage designs and settings to us that will help us comply with the government requirements for public sector bodies?

It would be great if there was a section on this in the FAQ too.


Isobel Smith

Hi Isobel,

We looked at this problem in 2019 and concluded the site won't meet the requirements. You can add a statement but need more work on it to resolve all the issues.

I believe it's possible to build a Voice site that complies with all accessibility requirements - but no site will 'magically' do so, since some requirements are to do with how you structure and present your content.

We are keen to ensure that all Voice sites are as accessible as possible and meet all requirements for public sector bodies, so that town and parish councils can be confident that using Voice for their site is a good choice.

So, if there are areas that are not compliant we will aim to make them so.


Joe - Voice Admin