3: Re: confidential (response to 2)
Posted by efoe on

That may well be true, but how do I get rid of it? If it helps, the Contact Information includelet is already in Scratch. Events + Reports and Content Item are listed in Layout under Content, and Community Calendar under Right, but they don't seem to do anything.

4: Re: confidential (response to 3)
Posted by Richard Sullivan on


You go to Manage Website and enter Website Admin, you should see Website Settings (the first tab i.e. not Content Management), select Website Details. Press edit.  Change the Organisation Description to remove your contact details, and describe your organisation.  The field is mandatory.  So far as I know it is on all e-voice pages.

5: Re: confidential (response to 4)
Posted by efoe on

Thanks, that worked. However, the instruction in the Website Details page said “this can be added to any page”. It didn’t say it would automatically be added to every page! I think the management system needs a change.