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Hi again,

Just to let you know how the hosting switch is progressing.

Email Sending

As a few users have reported, there have been a few problems with outgoing emails, as some hosts (e.g., msn/blueyonder/yahoo) have been refusing to accept emails from the newly reloacated Voice servers.

I'm monitoring the outgoing email records on the system and can see when they fail, and updating configuration where necessary to allow them to send. You don't need to do anything - I can see when emails send or fail.

At some point soon I feel sure that all emails will be sending properly again! :-)

DNS Updates

For sites using a custom hostname, the new IP address to use is (the old one was

If you go to the Site Domain settings in your Voice site, you will see in there what Voice thinks about your domain. If you see the message OK: Using remote IP: then your domain is still pointing at the old IP address (which will stop working at the end of June).

If the message is simply OK then you have updated it correctly!

Note that the DNS settings need to be changed with your registrar, and we can't do this bit for you. Instructions for updating DNS are here.

If you're using a service like CloudFlare that puts its own servers in front of Voice then you'll need to ensure that the new Voice IP addresses is added to your CloudFlare settings.

Thanks for your patience during these changes. I assure you they're worth it! (and we had no choice anyway, because the previous hosting company is closing down!)

Joe - Voice Admin



2: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 1)
Posted by Alan-Parry on

Hi Joe,

Before changing the IP address I was getting more and more complaints that emails were not being recieved.  Initially I thought that they were ending up in Junk Mail folders, but when members who had been in regular receipt of emails found that they were no longer getting them a little research indicated that the problem was probably associated with the IP address.  With the change of IP address I thought that things might improve, and obviously the new IP address needs to bed in - I only changed mine at lunchtime yesterday.

If the problem persists into next week can you identify to local adminstrators the emails that are failing (you mentioned that you can see them as an administrator) as we will need to make alternative arrangements for some of our members.



3: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Brown on

Hi Joe,

I have updated the DNS to the new IP address, I was able to do  the change 01/07/20. At that time our website was down, unfortunately it's still down, what can I do to get our website back up?

Our website is

We are a small charity and our funders have spotted the website is down and are making its reappearance a requirement for further funding which is due.


Andrew Brown


4: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

For some reason, as well as correctly updating the DNS for the domain you'd also deleted the domain name from the Site Domain settings of your Voice site.

I've put the domain back into the Site Domain settings and now it's working fine!

I hope your funding is successful. (We could do with some funding for Voice itself!)


Joe - Voice Admin

5: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 4)
Posted by Andrew Brown on

Hi Joe,

Thank for your response. I've tried to open website this morning and I'm not see, I'm going onto Voice website, is there anything else I can do?



Andrew Brown

6: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 5)
Posted by Nick_H on


I can see your website fine, likely you need to delete your cookies or do a CTRL+F5 on your browser to do a refresh.
Hope that helps.

7: Re: Voice Hosting Update (response to 6)
Posted by Andrew Brown on

Hi Nick,


Thanks for your advice, I can now see the website