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I have started trying to set up a website for a small organisation which is unconnected to a local authority, so it seems that this forum is my only source of advice. I have some very basic questions.

The URL that Voice gave to my website is The only other Voice website I know of is called www.(name), which is much better. How is this done? Should I sort this out now, or when the website is complete?

The provided home page includes the address where I'm working and a map. I don't want these things. From an earlier forum post, I found that I should go into Layout and move “Contact information” to Scratch, which I did, but it’s still there in the preview. What has gone wrong?

I've created several pages, and I want users to be able to go from any of them to any other. “Show secondary navigation” is ticked in Look & Feel. The Editor shows a diagram where the other pages are linked to the home page, but no links are shown on any of the pages. How do I create them?

I want all the pages to have the same background colour. The only mention of colour I could find is in Look & Feel, "standard colour scheme". This only seems to change the colour of tiny features of the pages. How do I change the background colour? Incidentally I had the choice of Modern or Bootstrap theme, and I chose Modern.






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From what I can remember about setting up our site ...


For the name of the site see

about purchasing a domain name.  Shop around for the one you want, buy it, then get the registrar's A records for the domain to point to e-voice and update the site domain tab under website settings in Website Admin.

For the preview, make sure you have saved and picked the correct revision to preview as it is easy to end up with lots of them before publishing.

The easiest way for users to navigate on the published pages are from the menus, which are controlled by the Index tab for each page.

For more control over colours, Bootstrap has more options, and you can change from Modern.

Hope this helps get you started!