Hi Joe

Hope you and family are all keeping well in these difficult times.

Many thanks for your above reply.

This has worked although for a while earlier this morning Microssoft Edge browser took to the correct page and showed the header/banner but contents underneath were shown as page not found. However this now looks okay.

But in MS Edge if I type just rbclub.uk in the address bar (no www,) then it has a problem and shows in addressar as "Not secure rbclub.uk/defaultsite and displays a page of links to advertised websites. Whereas in Google chrome on my PC just rbclub.uk works fine, but not in chrome on my mobile phone, the Silk browser on my Kindle Fire tablet and also in iPad bowser. These all work fine with full www.rbclub.uk address.

I do not understand what the difference is between www.rbclub.uk and just rbclub.uk and address bar. Could you kindly clarify for me?

Many thanks




This is because you correctly have an A record at www.rbclub.uk pointing to, but the A record at rbclub.uk (with no www) is pointing to a different address which is providing the web forwarding.

If you change the A record on the root domain to point to instead of the web forwarding then it'll work properly.

Different DNS management systems represent the root domain differently. Sometimes they use an @ sign as the subdomain to indicate "no subdomain". So maybe look for that.

There are some instructions for some common registrars' DNS management pages here. Even if you're using a different system it may be similar!



Thanks Joe, for your help and information.

All seems to be working fine now.

You were spot on regarding the @ symbol for subdomain.

Thanks again