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In the case of, the content seems to be in a big table in which the left column is set to 60% width, and the right column to 350px.

The right column's fixed width will prevent it from scaling properly.

There are also other tables on that page with fixed widths, so they won't resize either.

As suggested elsewhere, the key for having tables behave well on different screen sizes is to ensure all column/cell widths are percentages and never a fixed number of pixels.



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Thanks Guys.


The pointers about fixed widths of columns have been incredibly helpful and have enabled me to fix some of our pages.


Others though just seem to refuse to scale properly.


For example on this page,

even if I delete the original content and just create a two-column table - with the table width set to 100% I get the left column displaying correctly on my phone but the right column is obscured. I have given up for now. It just seems a bit random.


Thanks for your help.