Posted by Paul.E on

I set up the new domain within "Website Settings" and its status is OK but when I time in my domain it just takes me to the e-voice home page. Help!


I use IONOS and set up an A record pointing to the IP indicated in the text from the paste below;


"This server is running on with IP Address


Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Takes while for the DNS to update. Clear the cache on your browser.

Posted by Paul.E on

I understand but if the DNS hasnt updated then why does it take me to the e-voice home page?

Posted by Paul.E on

I noted that the previous person who logged onto our IONOS ISP set the redirection as "Frames" - which isnt best as far as I know. I have left it - although would the issue be relating to the frames redirection being on whilst I set up an A record?