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On the message form on the home page, if the email address given is a '' one although the system give the 'Message sent' message the message if NOT received.     I have tested this out by sending a message using a '' email and then a '' email, the gmail message is received OK but the btinternet message vanishes into the ether!!!

When can this be fixed as I only heard about a possible booking via a fellow committee member who told me someone had sent a message via the website, and when I checked they had a email, so it is possible that we are losing bookings because of this BUG

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Emails are being sent fine from Voice.

I can see in the email log that lots of emails to are getting through fine (though one or two are saying that the user is not known, I guess due to the btinternet account being closed or an incorrect email address being used).

So - as far as I can see there's no BUG.

Perhaps double check the email address you're using, and maybe check that the message isn't being marked as spam.



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BT email accounts are the worst.
I used to have one but lost 70% to its spam filter.
I stopped using it.

You may want to add some text to your booking page. The following is a good example.

The other comment would be people dont type their email in correctly...

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This may work OK now due to a change I've made to outgoing email from Voice.

Please retry and let me know how you get on!


Joe - Voice Admin