2: Re: No "Join Group" link (response to 1)
Posted by Richard Sullivan on

I may be confused, but the "Your Account" appears when YOU are logged in.  If you are a normal punter who has just found your page then you see Login and Join Website buttons.  As you should see when you logout?

3: Re: No "Join Group" link (response to 2)
Posted by Deleted User on

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments. I may be confused as well!

Your are right about the Login & Join Website buttons appearing if you are not logged in (unless the group is private when only the Login button appears in the page footer).

The documentation mentions a "Join Group" button (see https://cambridgeopensystems.com/documentation/community/administering/users/) which I'd hoped streamlined the joining process, but I suspect it is just that the button is actually called "Join Website" not "Join Group".

Thanks for again,