The on-line advice suggests that within the site map there are up and down arrows so that you can re-position new pages on the navigation menu.  Currently, a new tab appears after the Private Members tab, and I want to position it earlier on in the navigation menu.

For some reason I cannot see the up and down arrows to reposition the tab.  Has anyone else come across this issue and am I missing something by no being able to see the up and down arrows?

Posted by Richard Sullivan on

If I click on the name of the site in the site map, i.e. the top level, then on the index tab for Home there is a reorder items button. This brings up a list of items with move-up and move down buttons which seems to do the trick for me, although I do not have any private members pages.

Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Thanks Richard.


All the best