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We have created a new website which is to replace an existing one. Now when we enter our website name ( we get your VOICE home page. If we enter our website name under the COMMUNITIES WEBSITE A-Z banner then we can select ours and that's fine. BUT what needs to be done to immediately get our new website format when the above website name is entered on the internet ?

Peter Craggs

Posted by Voice Admin on

Firstly, you need to change your site's permissions to make it visible to The Public - you have turned this off currently, and so only site adminstrators can actually view it.

To alter the permissions go to Users & Permissions then Permissions & Sharing in the Admin pages of your site.

Secondly you need to add your domain name in Website Settings -> Site Domain so that e-voice knows that the domain belongs to your site.

I see you have already done this bit, but you have not done this next bit:

You need to change the DNS settings of your domain to point directly to the e-voice IP address. Currently it is set as a redirection at your registrar (123-reg). i.e., currently 123-reg are redirecting to and that's no use. You need to point directly at e-voice.

To do this you set an A record for the domain with the e-voice IP address in it ( There are instructions for how to do this (including some specific ones for 123-reg) available in the documentation, here.